Tentative Calendar 2019

YLAC currently runs its programs in seven cities – six in India (Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati) and one in Nepal (Kathmandu). Programs are usually run once a year in each city.

The tentative calendar for 2019 is appended below. We’ll update the calendar as plans develop and ideas materialize. New programs are currently being designed and YLAC is planning to expand its footprint to more cities. YLAC also works with organizations to co-develop customized programs/ initiatives. These programs are not pre-decided and therefore, not included in the calendar below.

Note: Applications to each program open about two-three months before the program kicks-off in a city. If you would like to be intimated when a program of interest is announced in your city, please sign up below. Alternatively, you can follow our facebook page for updates.

Policy in Action Program

City Tentative dates
Bengaluru January – February, 2019
Hyderabad February – March, 2019
Delhi August – September, 2019
Mumbai September – October, 2019

High School Achievers Program

City Tentative dates
Bengaluru April – May 2019
Mumbai* April – May 2019 (Edition I)
Delhi June – July 2019
Mumbai* June – July 2019 (Edition II)

*The High School Achievers Program will be held twice in Mumbai to accommodate the different summer holiday schedules of the school boards in the city.

Counter Speech Fellowship

City Tentative dates
Kathmandu May – July 2019
Guwahati July – September 2019
Hyderabad July – September 2019
Kolkata July – September 2019
Delhi October – December 2019
Bengaluru October – December 2019
Mumbai October – December 2019