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The Policy in Action Program is a month long engagement for young professionals and university students who are keen to explore the fields of public policy and development. The program is designed to deliver core skills in policy analysis, advocacy and leadership, along with the experience of working on live projects for policymakers – MPs, MLAs, ministries and other government institutions.
Public policy can be a potent tool for civic action. The Policy in Action Program is YLAC’s attempt to increase citizen engagement with the policymaking process and equip people with the skills necessary to drive change. It is also an attempt to strengthen the development and governance ecosystem in the country by expanding the pool of talented individuals committed to working in the space.
Launched in 2016, the program now runs in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. It is a highly selective engagement that receives a large number of outstanding applications from a diverse pool of candidates. The program is designed as a mix of weekend sessions and remote collaboration that makes it easy to accommodate alongside regular study and work commitments.
The 2019 Delhi edition of the Policy in Action Program is currently accepting applications. The program will kick-off on Saturday, the 10th of August. You can follow the links below to see details and apply. For information on other cities, you may see the tentative calendar here.
DEL:  Schedule | Project Work | Deadlines | Fees & Scholarships | FAQs on Projects & Time Commitment  | Applications
Click here for more details about the previous editions of the program, including participating policymakers, live projects and class profile.


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