Policy in Action – The Journey

The Policy in Action Program was launched from Delhi in 2016. Delhi’s success and the overwhelming support of our fellows here encouraged us to expand the program to Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
The program attracts participants from a diverse range of backgrounds – lawyers, engineers, chartered accountants, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, journalists, architects, writers and even start up evangelists! This diversity of the cohort has become a mainstay of the program and is one of its key highlights today.
Another highlight is the opportunity to work on some of the most pressing policy problems in the country. In the time since its launch, Policy in Action fellows have supported the work of MPs from across different regions in India, representing a spectrum of political parties in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, as well as many central and state government ministries and institutions such as NITI Aayog. Our fellows have had the chance to work on a diverse range of issues such as electoral laws, labour reforms, encryption policy, urban homelessness, HDI and malnutrition, to name a few.
The opportunity to work on real and live policy issues, along with the chance to interact with experts and learn from a diverse and talented cohort, is the primary appeal of the program today!

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