#FindingLegitimacy with the Centre for Public Impact

What does legitimacy of government mean to different people? And how can the relationship between a government and its citizens be strengthened? YLAC joined hands with the Centre for Public Impact (a BCG Foundation) to bring the ‘Finding Legitimacy’ project to India. This project is a global initiative by CPI to understand people’s perception of legitimacy across the world, in places such as Mexico, Canada, Brussels, Singapore and London. We were CPI’s partners for this conversation in India.

We explored the following questions as a part of this initiative:

  • Does legitimacy of government depend on beneficial outcomes for people? What happens when these beneficial outcomes come at the expense of democratic procedures?
  • To what extent is legitimacy dependent on the processes that are seen as fair and transparent?
  • How does innovation in technology and digital media affect legitimacy? Does it strengthen or weaken legitimacy?
  • What can governments do to increase their legitimacy? How can those who have little to do with government or feel disconnected from decision-making, feel more connected?

For details, see:  Blog  | Event Report


#TodayIMetIndia with Instagram

Visual storytelling can transcend and break down barriers. At the #TodayIMetIndia project in Delhi, we used photography to bring together teens from diverse backgrounds – who met as strangers but left as friends! This project was a collaboration between YLAC and Instagram in celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship.

#TodayIMetIndia aimed at breaking barriers of discrimination and promoting shared understanding through photography, story-telling and expression by creating portraits which reflect and celebrate the vast cultural and religious diversity in the Indian society. Images from the project were shared widely on Instagram and Facebook, reaching millions of people worldwide, spreading the message of harmony.