Partner Projects

‘I Voted’ Filter Contest with Snapchat

Before the 2019 general elections, Snapchat and YLAC joined hands to present an amazing opportunity to create a special ‘I Voted’ filter for Snapchat users in Delhi and Maharashtra! We wanted people to flaunt that they fulfilled their civic duty to vote and get others to join in the celebration of India’s democracy.
The best entries were selected and made live on the platform on polling day!

Equality Clubs with Oxfam

Oxfam is a confederation of independent charitable organizations that work towards the vision of a just world without poverty and inequality.

By setting up Equality Clubs in schools, YLAC and Oxfam are coming together to familiarize students with the different types of inequalities – economic, gender, religious or otherwise – that exist in society, help build empathy and appreciation of one’s own privilege, and inspire students to take action.

To facilitate the work of these clubs, we provide an overall framework with a dedicated curriculum, skill-based workshops as well as interactive sessions with experts in all participating schools.

Write to us at office(at) if you are keen to have these clubs set up at your school!

Election Awareness with Instagram

The 2014 general election saw the highest national voter turnout at 66.4%. But even in that year, urban voter turnout was only 56.85%, ~10% less than the national average. Some of the wealthiest constituencies in India witnessed the lowest voting turnouts.

Elections form the very base of democracy. By not participating, we run the risk of becoming politically irrelevant. Urban voters need to engage with the democratic process to make it work better for them.

This is where we need your help. Join us in the mission to increase awareness among urban voters. Use the toolkit created by YLAC and Instagram and conduct a session in your office, college or neighbourhood! Download it here.


YLAC and Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy are working together to develop experiential learning lesson plans to make middle school civic education fun and engaging! These lesson plans will be deployed across partner schools in Karnataka as well as in some other states and will be available to teachers to use in their work.

Here’s to bringing back the wonder in the classroom and paving the way for engaged citizens! All lesson plans developed under this initiative can be accessed here.

#SansadUnplugged with YKA

‘Sansad Unplugged’ is Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) and YLAC’s attempt to create a platform for our Members of Parliament to present their Private Members’ Bills directly to young people and lend a voice to these proposals. For youth, this is a chance to know the hopes and dreams of our elected representatives, and to get to know them beyond the cynical image painted by the media.

We hope that this platform becomes a direct channel to engage on policy issues that matter and where many MPs and young people can find common ground.

Fostering Resilience among Teens

Highly competitive student life, changing family structures and easy access to technology have significantly altered the issues that teens grapple with today. According to WHO, one in every four children in the age group of 13-15 years in India suffer from depression. 10% children do not have any close friends.

To find solutions to this problem, YLAC together with Instagram organized roundtables in Delhi and Mumbai with policymakers, mental health professionals, educators, parents and teens as attendees. The report ‘Fostering Resilience among Teens’ is an outcome of these discussions and research on best practices from around the world. It examines two key problems – mental health and bullying, and recommends institutional solutions to help resolve them.

#FutureofTelangana with Twitter

In order to provide a holistic and open space for young people to interact with and question their future leaders, and to crowdsource a youth agenda for the Telangana Assembly Elections 2018, YLAC and Twitter India joined hands to host the #FutureofTelangana initiative in Hyderabad in November.

Designed as a non-partisan and apolitical initiative, the program was attended by delegates from institutions and civil society organizations across Telangana and saw participation from leading political figures of all major political parties in the state. Details of the discussion can be accessed via the #FutureofTelangana hashtag on Twitter.

#FindingLegitimacy with CPI

What does legitimacy of government mean to different people? And how can the relationship between a government and its citizens be strengthened? YLAC joined hands with the Centre for Public Impact (a BCG Foundation) to bring the ‘Finding Legitimacy’ project to India. This project is a global initiative by CPI to understand people’s perception of legitimacy across the world, in places such as Mexico, Canada, Brussels, Singapore and London. We were CPI’s partners for this conversation in India.

For details, see:  Blog  | Event Report

#TodayIMetIndia with Instagram

Visual storytelling can transcend and break down barriers. At the #TodayIMetIndia project in Delhi, we used photography to bring together teens from diverse backgrounds – who met as strangers but left as friends! This project was a collaboration between YLAC and Instagram in celebration of the UN’s International Day of Friendship.

#TodayIMetIndia aimed at breaking barriers of discrimination and promoting shared understanding by creating portraits which reflect and celebrate the vast cultural and religious diversity in the Indian society. Images from the project were shared widely on Instagram and Facebook, reaching millions of people worldwide, spreading the message of harmony.