Schedule – Policy in Action Program

The Policy in Action Program is a mix of intense weekend classroom sessions and month long live projects for Members of Parliament. Participants are divided into teams on the first weekend and tasked to work on specific projects. Team meet-ups serve as regular check-ins with facilitators for guidance on direction and pace.

The sessions are facilitated by the YLAC team, including the founders. You can view their profile here.


Day & Time Theme Sessions
Day 1


Weekend 1

10AM – 5PM

India’s governance structure/ Engaging with lawmakers Session 1:

1. The policy making apparatus in India

2. India’s federalism – design and implications


Session 2:

1. The Indian Parliament

2. How a Bill becomes a Law

3. Engaging with the lawmaking process


Session 3:

1. Introduction to live projects

2. Allocation of teams


Session 4:

1. Interaction with a lawmaker

Day 2


Weekend 1

10AM – 5PM

Policy Analysis/ Advocacy Session 5:

1. Structured approach to deconstructing problems

2. Economic foundations of policy


Session 6:

1. Advocating for a cause/ developing effective campaigns


Session 7:

1. Writing effective briefs for policymakers

Day 3


Weekend 2

2PM – 6:30PM

Meet-Up Session 8:

1. Designing policies for better implementation


Session 9:

1. Teams discuss their project plans with facilitators

Day 4


Weekend 3

10AM – 5PM

The Power of Data and Effective Communication Session 10:

1. Using evidence/ data to design policy and get traction


Session 11:

1. Building a powerful public narrative

2. Championing a cause


Session 12:

1. External speaker

Day 5


Weekend 4

2PM – 6:30PM

Meet-Up Session 13:

1. Behavioural Economics


Session 14:

1. Teams discuss their draft project submissions with facilitators

Day 6


Weekend 5

2PM – 6:30PM

Careers in Policy & Project Presentations Session 15:

1. Project Presentations and feedback


Session 16:

1. Careers in Public Policy

Day 7


Weekend 5

2PM – 6:30PM

Closing Speaker & Project Presentations Session 17:

1. Project Presentations and feedback


Session 18:

1. External speaker

Program ends